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Village of França


This extensive parish is the most northern district of Bragança, situated along the border edge and covering a wide region of the Natural Park of Montesinho. Apart from the Spain, that serves as its northern boundary, the parish is yet adjacent the Carragosa counterparts (the West), Rabal (south) and Aveleda (the East).

Distance of about ten and a half kilometers north of the region capital, this parish has its main axis road connecting the border - the EN 103-7. Covering a wide area and mountainous plateau, in the Serra Montesinho, the territory of França is cut by the Sabor river and by the Andorinha stream. A little north of the village of Montesinho record the maximum altitude of this whole area of the Natural Park, specifically 1156 meters.

There are three villages that make up the parish villages in França: Montesinho and Portelo, with 331 residents (census 1991), much less than the approximately 612 reported in mid-century.

The village of França appears "nested" in a fold of ground in the down position dominated by powerful mountain slopes. Next to the houses stretches a vast plain, shredded green pastures and farmland, also dominant in rustic local economy, divided between farming and tilling the soil. Taking a dirt path after the bridge, it is worth a jump to the Equestrian Center and enjoy the beautiful animals that exist there.

In addition to the significant portions of the landscape, another exceptional wealth lies hidden in the basement of this parish. We talk about the resources of mining, once with great up in these parts, measuring the three tin mines (Chaira da Cruz, Vale da Formiga and the Portela da Lameira), three gold and silver (Covas Altas, Fonte Cova and Vale do Concelho) and gold, this cheerfully called Pingão dos Quintais. The veins of gold and silver located near Françe, the veins of tin located near the Portelo, through the EN 103-7.

The remote past of this area, little has been revealed to archaeologists. It is quite likely that communities have been residing at least in roman times, given the apparent proliferation of fortified settlements from the Iron Age in areas of existing towns bordering Rabal (Castro and Tower Rabal) and Carragosa (Tower Castro).

It is advisable to visit the Church and two small temples in Montesinho and Portelo. The bridge over the river, with a beautiful and robust architecture is a monumental bridge in multiple rib shot (with perfect and regular staves), with strong Skimmer semicircular and located at the entrance of França. The work is recent, possibly as early as this century.


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