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The House

The first image is used, usually, to open the appetite. Afterwards, you can take a look inside or outside the house.

.:: Cooking bread the traditional way (firewood oven) ::.
Cooking bread the traditional way.

Situated in the core of the Montesinho Natural Park, close to the Sabor river, deep in the valeys of Montesinho, the house tries to associate space with a pleasant staying. It was built with traditional materials and technics, with a large porch to the garden. It is located in front of an oak forest, where you can walk using the paths that go through it. The house has central heating system, five double rooms with TV, gamming room, exterior covered barbecue and plenty of surrounding space.

Close by you will be able to find a bakery, a restaurant and a pork-butchery factory.

If you like mautains and splendid landscapes, if you like to hunt or to fish, you will find a priviledged place.

16 km away, in Bragança, you will be ale to visit a castle and military museum, the Dómus Municipalis, the Abade de Baçal museum, assisting shows and theaters in the Municipal Theater and swim in the cities swiming pool.

On the other direction, at 45 km, you will find a natural lake in the natural park of Sanábria, Spain.

The Interiors

The house was built thinking in you. From the location to the architecture, building materials and equipment, we worked to make you feel welcome. The interior was designed around an ample space where you can find the kitchen with all the equipments you may need to prepare a suculent meal. In the same space follows the living room, with two large doors to the garden and a fireplace which will keep you warm in the cold winter nights.

It has 5 rooms, for a maximum of 10 people, each with two single beds, TV and central heating.

.:: Living room ::.

Quarto Quarto

.:: Rooms ::.

Room Room Room


The house was built using traditional building materials, such as stone, wood and slate for the roof, very typical in this region. It has large balcony to the yard with a view to a pleasant oak forest. It also has a barbecue, and a garden.

.:: Main entrance ::.
Main entrance

.:: Balcony to the Yard ::.
Balcony to the Yard

.:: Garden ::.

.:: Yard ::.

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